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Dynamic AI Scenario Forecasting

Protect Your Business from Global Instability, Improve Outcomes for Stakeholders

The world in which you make critical strategic decisions is moving fast.
With Jumptuit's Genesis J2T you are moving faster.

Introducing Jumptuit

Jumptuit’s Mission: To improve scenario forecasting with Artificial Intelligence in order to augment decision making and improve outcomes for stakeholders.

Davos 2024 Interview: Jumptuit Founder and CEO, Donald Leka

Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence
The Era of AI Scenario Forecasting Has Begun

Jumptuit’s groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence has the potential to revolutionize forecasting and risk mitigation, improving outcomes across sectors and industries by providing unparalleled visibility into future events and transforming the way information is accessed and decisions are made.

Artificial Intelligence Patents recently granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) mark significant milestones in the generation and retrieval of relevant data, information, and insights in advance of future events and locations based on time intervals and distance intervals.

Reduce the Cost of Risk: Avoid, Circumvent, Bypass Potential Incidents

Know the Probable Times and Geolocations of Future Events

Businesses are facing unprecedented risks from the proliferation of viral global disruptions caused by unanticipated events. Jumptuit's neutral data and unbiased assessments of global events provide corporate and government stakeholders with reliable visibility into the future Cost of Risk.

The Jumptuit Family

The Jumptuit Group


Jumptuit Aerospace & Defense, Inc.

Jumptuit Earth, Inc.

Jumptuit Energy, Inc.

Jumptuit Food & Agriculture, Inc.

Jumptuit Government, Inc.

Jumptuit Insurance, Inc.

Jumptuit Media & Entertainment, Inc.

Jumptuit Network Insight, Inc.

Jumptuit Risk & Compliance, Inc.

Jumptuit Transport & Logistics, Inc.


Jumptuit CG&S, Inc.

Jumptuit Education, Inc.

Jumptuit Finance, Inc.

Jumptuit Gaming Insight, Inc.

Jumptuit Health, Inc.

Jumptuit Manufacturing, Inc.

Jumptuit Metals & Mining, Inc.

Jumptuit Real Estate, Inc.

Jumptuit Smart City, Inc.

Jumptuit Travel, Inc.

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